Here is the place to find everything you need to refurbish any Oliver Fleetline hydraulic pump. This style pump is on all Oliver row crop and standard tractors in the Fleetline, Super, and Three Digit series. The 66 through 660 uses a three quarter inch center plate and pump gears, while all others use a one and one eighth inch plate. The bearings, gears, seals and endplates are the same in all the model tractors.

I contract to engineer centerplates in Wisconsin in a small shop that does excellent work for me. The plates are of a high quality ductile cast iron very similar to the original pumps.

I also manufacture the pump gears in this area. The drive sleeve is a rebuilt part because a new sleeve was much too costly to produce.
The bearings, seals and lever boots I get from a supplier.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Nick Faessler - 608-214-3852

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