The smallest grit can reduce the life of a pump. Start by washing all the parts, including new parts, and blow dry with compressed air. When all parts are on hand to assemble, everything should be kept as clean as possible.

Bearing should be pressed carefully in to the end plates. Install the bearings with the manufacturer’s numbers out. The bearings must be recessed into the plates with 3/32” clearance for the snap ring. Lube the seals and bearings with hydraulic oil and install the drive and driven gears in the front end plate making sure they turn freely. Remember, the splines on the drive sleeve are to the front end plate. Install the rear part and install the bolts finger tight. The dowel pins can now be driven in to the pump. Once again check to see that the gears turn freely. Tighten the bolts in an alternate pattern until all are tight to 33 to 34 ft lb. The gears must still turn freely.

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