The Oliver hydraulic in the Fleetlines, Supers, and Three Digit tractors is a bit unique from other manufacturers of tractors as it is a stand-alone unit. The system is a single unit containing the pump, reservoir, filter, relief valve and controls. This made it a rather simple installation for tractors that left the factory without a hydraulic unit. A tractor could be field converted fairly simply from no lift unit or from a clutch lift to the self-contained hydraulic system.

The unit needs to be disassembled when there is a loss of fluid. There could be a sudden loss, usually a cracked centerplate. The loss of oil could be more gradual, the likely causes from poor pump seals. The mounting o-rings could also be faulty. It also needs to be removed when the pump will no longer produce the pressure needed to do its job.

The pump could have a slight loss of flow, which can indicate a worn pump. The pump can operate at a pressure too low to lift needed implements.

Removal and disassembly

Prior to removal, the oil should be removed from the system. This can be done by attaching a hose to the hydraulic coupler and empty the unit at an idle. Stop the engine as soon as the pump quits pumping oil. The unit can be removed from the tractor by first removing the PTO shield, the PTO cover, and lastly the PTO clutch and live shaft assembly. There are three bolts in front of the clutch that allow the PTO live shaft to be pulled out. Remove the seat assembly from the rear of the frame to allow more room to work. Remove all ten bolts. The unit can now be lifted from the tractor. You can now remove the pump from the bottom of the unit.
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